Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

One of the hidden gems of the Pacific Northwest, at least for us anyway. After 27 years of living in Vancouver, just north of Portland, we visited for the first time recently. Unbeknownst to us we picked the perfect day. The Northwest Trek Wildlife Park is to the east of Mount Rainier near the town of Eatonville, WA. Getting tickets online cost $22 per adult. There are various other prices here: prices. Included in admission is the tram tour. They will ask you if you want tickets for the tram, included in your admission, when you enter. Say YES! This will be the main highlight of your trip, if you are lucky like we were.

Prepare for at least a half day to see all that the park has to offer. A full day can easily be had, as some of the trails leading off from the park go for miles and can take hours to complete. After parking, getting your tickets, and entering the park, you find yourself at the gift shop, cafe, and restrooms. This reminded me of most zoos I have been to, especially the Oregon Zoo in Portland. From their you have a variety of exhibits to explore within the gorgeous and well-kept grounds.

Here’s what you’ll see in the park BEFORE you get on the tram!

  • Cats
    • Cougar
    • Canadian Lynx
    • Bobcat
  • Forest & Wetland Animals
    • Wolverine
    • Porcupine
    • Raccoon
    • Fisher
    • River Otter
    • Beaver
    • Badger
  • Canines
    • Gray Wolf
    • Red Fox
  • Bears
    • Black Bear
    • Grizzly Bear
  • Birds
    • Golden Eagle
    • Turkey Vulture
    • Barn Owl
    • Trumpeter Swans

Getting in line for the tram, which leaves at your designated time, gives you some anticipation. The tram is four cars long and comfortable for a 45-minute trip. As I said earlier, we got lucky. Our driver was a young lady who was quite knowledgeable. As we began our trip we immediately came upon some deer and buffalo. Pretty soon some elk, moose, and mountain goats showed up. Wow! Our driver was amazed. She kept saying over and over how this doesn’t usually happen. This was the most animals she had ever seen. Maybe the cool weather in August helped.

At a certain point we had stopped so many times for pictures that we became behind schedule and were missing our waypoints. Our driver became worried that she might get in trouble with her boss, but then she had to stop again! Quite funny. A very enjoyable experience and one I won’t forget soon.

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